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Toyo Open Country AT II Truck Tire Review

Testing Toyo’s Quieter And Longer Lasting AT-II All Terrain Tire

By Dan Sanchez

Truck owners who often find themselves off the pavement, look for a tire that can deliver a good balance of daily street driving, and occasional off-road use.  Over the years, Toyo has tried to add that type of dual capabilities to its Open Country All-Terrain tire.  But recently, they came out with a new version that builds on some of the tire’s already great attributes.

First, most fleet trucks, construction workers and weekend warriors often have to put up with all-terrain tires that are noisy to drive on the highway. The Toyo Open Country AT II tackled this problem with a new tread design that is quieter on the highway, yet doesn’t take away from its performance on dirt, mud, snow or wet conditions.  In addition, Toyo’s improved tread design offers forty percent more tread life over leading competitive tires.

Toyo Open Country AT II. Photo copywright

Off-road, the tire provided the traction we expected on hard packed dirt, mud, and rocky river crossings.

But in designing an all-terrain tire with more positive features for normal street driving, did Toyo  sacrifice any of the tire’s off-road and overall performance?  To find out, we outfitted a GMC pickup with a set of 265/70R17 Open Country AT II’s. The tires are the same size as the factory OE tires the truck came equipped with.  Driving over hard packed dirt, the tires performed as expected, providing greater traction than standard passenger truck tires.  The traction was most evident on a steep incline where standard passenger tires would slip and make the truck feel unstable to the driver.  On mud and dry creek crossings over baseball sized rocks, the larger tread pattern definitely proved to provide greater agility, and provides the driver with good feedback through the steering wheel, and ultimately a more stable ride. The open shoulder tread on the tire easily flings away mud and multiple sipes on the blocky tread allows for better grip on wet pavement conditions.


Toyo Open Country AT II tire. Photo Copywright

The tire proved it had good dual-function capabilities when we loaded up our test truck with a 24-ft toy hauler.

When called upon to tow a 24-foot toy hauler, the Toyo Open Country AT II tires were also up to the task. The tire’s sidewalls were stiff enough to keep the truck and trailer steady and stable on tight turns at speed, and actually reduced the amount of rear droop on the truck when the trailer was attached. While the more aggressive tread design did track a little on roads with deep water grooves, the ride was nevertheless comfortable and noticeably more quiet.  Many all-terrain tires create a low howl when driven on the highway, but it takes a concentrated effort to hear any noise from the Open Country AT II’s. While they are not as quiet as standard LT tires, the AT II’s are definitely quiet enough to leave on the vehicle full-time. Saving money with a tire that has a longer tread life is also a great benefit too.


The Open Country A/T II is still primarily a tire intended for improved off-road and winter traction in snow and mud. But for those truck owners and fleet vehicles that see these types of conditions day in and out, it’s great to know that this tire can provide the tread-life and reliability to keep it on the vehicle year-round. The Open Country A/T II tires are available in P-Metric, Metric, LT, and Flotation sizes. The LT sizes provide and optimum load rating for most work truck applications. For more information, visit

Toyo Open Country AT II. Photo Courtesy Toyo Tires USA

Speed Rating:
Q- (99-mph maximum), R- (106-mph maximum),  S- (112-mph maximum),T- (118-mph maximum), H- (130-mph maximum)
Load Rating:
99 (1,709 lbs.) to 129 (4,079 lbs.) and up to load range E
UTQG Rating:
P-Metric & Metric: 600 A B
Toyo Tires’ No Regrets® 45-day, 500-mile trial offer, 65,000-mile warranty for P-Metric and Metric sizes, 50,000-mile warranty for LT and flotation sizes
15-20-inch rim diameters. Metric widths range from 215 to 325mm with 85 down to 50-series profiles. X-Treme sizes include 30X9.5R15 up to 35X12.5R20

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